Anatomy For Artists: Man In Motion DVD - click to enlarge
Anatomy For Artists: Man In Motion DVD - click to enlarge
Anatomy For Artists: Man In Motion DVD

Anatomy For Artists: Man In Motion is produced by On Air Video specifically targeting the needs of artists and art students. While the previous Anatomy for Artists DVDs survey the bones and muscles of the human body, this program focuses on how the body moves. This is critical knowledge for the artist who wants to draw and paint figures in action.

The program is divided into several interrelated chapters. The first two chapters deal with the nature of bones and muscles, their mechanics and how they work synergistically to move the body and accomplish tasks. The next section addresses the idea of balance and motion, two interconnected principles at the heart of human locomotion. There's also a brief survey of the body sections, including dedicated bones and muscles.

The remainder of the video deals with various specific human activities such as walking, running, kicking, jumping, throwing a ball, swinging a bat, pulling, pushing, dragging, carrying weight, etc. Each activity is broken down to its component movements, with emphasis on larger muscle groups, body rotation, centrifugal force, balance and more.

To illustrate the subject, the program uses appropriately attired live models (no nudity), various camera angles and close-ups, slow motion, stop motion, graphics and animation.

Run time: 62 minutes Format: DVD Video, Color, Full frame

Target audience: teenager to adult.

Availability: Usually ships in 5-7 business days

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