The Bargue Drawing Companion DVD - click to enlarge
The Bargue Drawing Companion DVD - click to enlarge
The Bargue Drawing Companion DVD

Now you can learn the training techniques of the masters in this easy-to-follow instructional guide Drawing the Bargue. For the first time, artist and instructor Fernando Freitas of the internationally acclaimed ARC Approved Academy of Realist Art, shares his proven step-by-step instruction technique that has helped artists of all levels of experience master their drawing skills.

The Charles Bargue Drawing Course was developed and widely used in the mid 19th century as a foundation exercise for fine art training. Throughout the years it has been used by many great masters as an essential process in understanding the principles of shape, proportion, value and form.

This DVD includes information on:
  • Selecting and preparing the proper tools and materials
  • The essentials of measurement and proportion
  • Drawing “in the flat”
  • The principles of light and dark
  • Rendering values and forms
  • PLUS more than 25 pages of printable course notes and reference materials
This DVD is for anyone interested in developing their drawing skills. Whether you are a beginner or advanced student, amateur or professional artist, the results will be beyond your expectations.

Topics include:
  • Proper tools and materials selection
  • Positioning your models
  • Capturing basic poses and classical proportions
  • Vertical and horizontal alignments
  • Rendering tonal values

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