Basic Human Anatomy: A Guide for Visual Artists - click to enlarge
Basic Human Anatomy: A Guide for Visual Artists - click to enlarge
Basic Human Anatomy: A Guide for Visual Artists

Basic Human Anatomy: A Guide for Visual Artists by Robert Osti teaches artists the simple yet powerful formula artists have used for centuries to draw the human figure from the inside out. Osti, using the basic system of line, shape, and form used by da Vinci, Raphael, and Michelangelo, takes readers step-by-step through all the lessons needed in order to master this essential foundation skill. Organized progressively, the book shows readers how to replicate the underlying structure of the body using easy-to-understand scales and ratios; conceptualize the front and side views of the skeleton with basic shapes; add detail with simplified depictions of complex bones and joints; draw a muscle map of the body with volumetric form and realistic dimension; master the feet, hands, and skull to create realistic renderings of the human form; and apply a deeper knowledge of anatomy to finished drawings for more impact.

307 pages, Hardcover.

Review from April 2017 issue of Choice magazine:

This volume is useful not only for the excellent information and guidance Osti (Univ. of the Arts, Philadelphia) provides but also for the manner in which he presents the information. His presentation of the fundamentals is simple but elegant, and the visuals, examples, and exercises harmoniously supplement the information. Readers can flip to just what they need or study the work as a whole, a flexibility that makes the book valuable as both a textbook and a reference tool. Osti's skills as an artist and instructor are abundantly clear throughout the book, and the many excellent illustrations showcase his credentials well. The market is saturated with books on figure drawing, but human anatomy titles are less numerous, and many are dated. Sarah Simbletís Anatomy for the Artist (2001) and Valerie Winslowís Classic Human Anatomy in Motion: The Artist's Guide to the Dynamics of Figure Drawing (2015) are excellent, but what sets Ostiís title apart is its simplicity and the clarity of its prose.

--J. C. Burns, Dixie State University

Summing Up: Essential. All readers.

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