Brian Yoder Memorial Scholarship - click to enlarge
Brian Yoder Memorial Scholarship - click to enlarge
Brian Yoder Memorial Scholarship

Brian Yoder, beloved husband of Erin Murphy, father of Brianna Murphy, brother of Christopher Yoder, passed away from heart failure on January 9, 2021 in Pasadena, California. Brian was 59.

Brian was a founder of the Art Renewal Center, served as its webmaster for many years and stayed a member of our staff as a technical advisor until his passing. The ARC will be holding its next ARC Scholarship Competition this May and will be adding an ongoing scholarship award, the Brian Yoder Memorial Scholarship, as part of our annual scholarship competition to honor Brian and his contributions to the representational art community.

“Brian’s legacy endures in the lives of those he encountered. His encyclopedic knowledge of myriad subjects, including philosophy, science, history, politics, economics, business, art, music, literature, design, and computer science were appreciated by all who knew him and always kept him poised for the next great debate. His visionary ideas were often years, if not decades, ahead of time. Brian loved art. He indulged his passion to educate the world about fine art and realized his goal in collaboration with Fred Ross with the creation of the Art Renewal Center. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Brian Yoder Memorial Scholarship. ”

- Erin Murphy

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