Catalog Raisonné on William Bouguereau Special Discounts

Special Disounts Order Page for ARC Approved Ateliers and Schools

Released: September 15, 2010
Author: Damien Bartoli with Fred Ross
Total number of Pages: 903

The Art Renewal Center® is pleased to offer to our kindred spirits, the ARC Approved Ateliers™, Living Artists™ and Living Masters™, these huge discounts on the Catalog Raisonné and Biography on William Bouguereau.

Catalog Raisonne on William Bouguereau
Vol I: Biography
Catalog Raisonne on William Bouguereau
Vol II: Catalog Raisonné

Volume I (Biography)

  • Over 340 color images of Bouguereau paintings
  • Over 100 Full Color Plates.
  • Over 170 images in black and white, including rare photographs of Bouguereau in his studio, family members, Bouguereau with his students, letters, drawings, etc.
  • Volume II (Catalog Raisonné)

  • Volume II ,also printed in color, with some black and white depending on the best image available to us for each given work, over 760 images are included.
  • First printing was only 2,000 and they are going fast.


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    Unsigned Copy - via USPS Priority International Mail$360 USD
    Signed Copy - USA Shipping via Fedex Ground$370 USD
    Signed Copy - via USPS Priority International Mail to Canada$380 USD
    Signed Copy - USPS Priority International Mail$410 USD
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