Cast Drawing DVD - click to enlarge
Cast Drawing DVD - click to enlarge
Cast Drawing DVD

Running Time: Approx 2 hrs 30 mins

In the tradition of the Old Masters, Sight-Size drawing trains the artist's eyes to see the exact proportions and subtleties of their subject, as it exists in nature. The tradition has been passed down from generation-to-generation and is the foundation of Realist Art.

No matter what your skill level, classical sight-size techniques enable the artist to approach any drawing or painting in a systematic way. You will be able to refine, correct, and resolve problems, step-by-step, each in preparation for the next stage of the drawing. With practice, and as the eye develops, this method allows for greater freedom and expression in one’s art.

DVD Topics include:
  • Setting up your cast drawing
  • Understanding your materials
  • Using the sight-size technique to measure
  • Understanding light, value, accents & highlights
  • Accurately reproducing any cast and more...

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