Classical Drawing Atelier by Juliette Aristides

" Classical Drawing Atelier is visually beautiful, intellectually gratifying and destined to become a classic for not only the serious art student, but for all who love art and culture. "
-excerpt from the Book Review by Sherry Ross. Click Here to Read the Classical Drawing Atelier,a Contemporary Guide to Traditional Studio Practice Book Review by Sherry Ross.
Juliette Aristides Classical Painting Atelier "What makes Classical Drawing Atelier so unique is the specific choice of drawings used in conjunction with the intelligence of the text. Aristides has placed side by side, page by page, wonderful examples of drawings by many of the known masters of previous centuries as well as illuminating examples of drawings of many present day masters of the realist tradition. Aristides is herself a remarkable draughtsman and artist and she has selected a few wonderful drawings of her own making for the book. Much to the viewer's delight, these contemporary drawings visually impress and inspire, and together with the masterpieces of other eras, the combined impact creates a powerful and integrated template for instruction and the appreciation of skilled drawing as the backbone of all great art."
-from the Book Review by Sherry Ross.
Click here to read the review by Sherry Ross for Classical Painting Atelier by Juliette Aristides.

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