Educational and Non-profit use of  Images

If you are a nonprofit 501C3 organization, ARC will take that into consideration. However, if you are a registered nonprofit organization we will need your tax ID number to verify it.

If the image is to be used for an educational publication with very low distribution or a non- profit organization, you may download images for $75. each.

The ARC print center has very large print files which can be sent on a cd or dvd for the following cost:

Up to 25MG $375 US dollars
26-49MG $500 USD
50-149MG $750 USD
150-250MG $950USD

You will be sent a letter of permissions for use up to two(2) years. Increase the cost by one-third for five(5) years rights.

Not every image file on ARC is available at the largest sizes. If we find that the file you ordered is not available at the requested size you will be notified within 3 business days.

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