2008/2009 5th ARC Salon Entrants Discounts on ARC Salon Catalogues

Thank you for participating in The 5th International 2008/2009 ARC Salon Competition

World class art experts brought on board to choose the winners of the Salon this year were overwhelmed with the quality of over 1600 entries from more than 30 countries.

In appreciation, we would like to offer all of this year's entrants special rates for ARC Salon Catalogues- Many of you have entered before and placed as a winner or a finalist or may have an interest in collecting all the catalogues. You may choose your total quantity below, then enter any quantity from any Salon year on the checkout page as long as the total agrees with your order quantity below.

Here are your special rates for the 5th ARC Salon Catalogues:

12 Catalogues $345 USD
4 Catalogues $150 USD

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