Finalist ARC Salon 2007 Catalogue

  • Your artwork will be featured in the 2007 ARC Salon Catalog, which will soon be printed.

  • Most artists whose work appears want multiple copies of the catalog so that they can use their success to help market their work.

  • It is very important that you tell us now, how many catalogs you will want put aside for you so that you will not be disappointed if there are none left later on.

  • In prior years winners have often wanted between 5 and 25 catalogs, and unless we know in advance, we can't risk printing enough to meet those wishes.

  • This year's Salon catalog is bigger than ever with 72 full color pages, nearly 200 works of art in full color, the 2007 ARC Salon Catalogue is of the highest quality with perfect bound and smythe sewn signatures.

  • These prices are available to Finalists of the 2007 ARC Salon Only-
    $45 for one and $35 for each additional
    10 or more at $28 each
    25 or more at $25 each

    Shipping is free in the US until June 23, 2008

    newitem123713211$45.00, 2for$80.00, 3for$115.00, 4for$150.00, 5for$185.00, 6for$220.00, 7for$255.00, 8for$290.00, 9for$325.00, 10for$280.00, 25for$625.00
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