About ARC:

The Foundation for the Art Renewal Center, a 501(c)3) is a private, not-for-profit educational foundation, with a mission. ARC was founded in 1999 to present responsible opposing views to the modernist art establishment. The ARC website, has grown to 500,000,000 hits per year with 350,000 visitors each month and is a hub for artists, educators, gallery owners, curators and art lovers alike.

ARC supports traditional realism and technical mastery in the visual arts. On ARC, the Atelier Map allows aspiring artists and art students the opportunity to select a true classical atelier which has achieved the ARC standard, by location. Each Atelier has it's own section with detailed information about the schools listed as ARC Approved™. The Living Masters™ Gallery provides exposure to comtemporary realists of with masterly skills and is proof that great contemporary works are being created in the here and now. Our advisors and judges include professional classically trained artists, art historians and scholars, whose judgement is based on years of experience and research, with expertise and standards for reviewing and approving schools, artists and ateliers that foster the classical tradition in art.

The ARC Museum was created as an educational and artists resource. During September 2008, The ARC Museum hit a database milestone in that the images in the dabase totalled 65,536 images and needed to be expanded as the database was full! Hi-resolution views allow our visitors to explore the depths of technique right down to the brush stroke in each artwork. We have received an overwhelming number of requests to print these images. The ARC Store custom prints images from the ARC Museum, many of which are unavailable elsewhere, allowing our visitors the opportunity to bring these beautiful artworks home.

Image Use:

The images compiled by the Art Renewal Center for and the ARC Museum including the hi-resolution views are for on-line viewing only. These are not to be reproduced in print or for web viewing without the express permission from the Art Renewal Center.
If you would like to use our images, please contact us by email, phone or at the mailing address above.

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How to Reach Us:


Art Renewal Center
100 Markley Street
Port Reading, NJ 07064

PHONE: 732-636-2060/ext.619

Please use email for the fastest response!
Your email will be returned with in 2 working days. The Art Renewal Center is a 501C3 Educational Foundation with a small staff. Phone messages are returned during the week when staff is available.

The ARC Store is known for the quality of our prints.
The ARC Museum has been compiled as an educational resource. With over 60,000 images we find that on occasion, the image file that we have for an artwork is insufficient in quality or not printable at the larger media sizes.

If our quality control team will not allow a print to go out due to a poor image file or file that is too small for the media size requested we will contact you immediately by email.

Unsatisfactory prints, if returned, can be replaced one time only with a different image in the same size at no cost.

Shipping Info:

Please Note: All of our orders are custom printed as they arrive. Usually, orders are printed and shipped within 5-10 business days, or a little longer depending on our volume of orders. UPS 2nd day for domestic orders or Express Airmail for international orders is available if time is an issue. Please make arrangements for next-day shipping using the email address above.