Inside the Studio of R.H. Ives Gammell - click to enlarge
Inside the Studio of R.H. Ives Gammell - click to enlarge

Inside the Studio of R. H. Ives Gammell: An artist's daily notes, recorded during the Summer of 1976

"When I entered the studio for study with Mr. Gammell in July of 1976, I knew it was a momentous event. I therefore took seriously the time and effort he would invest in my training over the next few months. I also wanted to be sure to record all I could in order to preserve the instruction I would be given. I did so virtually daily.

After that summer, and I was back home in Ohio, the Notebook was set aside. From time to time I did pick it again, and when I reread it I could hear Gammell’s voice in my head. I treasured the Notes. Unfortunately, after several moves to other states the book was tucked away in a box, sealed up, and forgotten amongst miscellaneous books and papers.

I thought for sure the Notebook was lost since I hadn’t seen it for some time. That is, until just recently in 2015 when my wife Holly was unpacking some old books. She said to me, “l think I found the Notebook you always talked about but had lost,” and she set it down in my office closet. Eureka!

As we read it together, Holly said, “It seems like Gammell is right here,” and she urged me to get it typed up and saved for fear that it may be lost once again. It also seemed like a good idea to pass it along so that others might benefit from Mr. Gammell’s wisdom. And thus was born Inside the Studio of R. H. Ives Gammell."

Allan R. Banks is one of America’s finest living plein-air figure painters. He has exhibited widely in galleries and museums across the country with numerous works in private and public collections including the Wadsworth Atheneum in Hartford Connecticut, The Newark Museum, and The Springville Museum. Banks also served as President of The American Society of Classical Realism.

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Inside the Studio of R.H. Ives Gammell
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