Lessons in Classical Drawing - click to enlarge
Lessons in Classical Drawing - click to enlarge
Lessons in Classical Drawing

Lessons in Classical Drawing and accompanying DVD by Juliette Aristides is the third book by ARC Living Master and head instructor of the Aristides Classical Atelier. As the back cover states "In this elegant and inspiring primer, master contemporary Juliette Aristides breaks down the drawing process into small, manageable lessons; introduces time-tested principles and techniques that are easily accessible; and shares the language and context necessary to understand the artistic process and create well crafted drawings. The enclosed companion DVD, beautifully filmed in Florence, Italy provides real-time drawing lessons that enhance the learning process with live instruction. This book also includes a prologue by ARC Chairman, Fred Ross.

"In this book I will share with you the sequential steps that will enable you to learn to draw. I will break down the act of drawing into simple tasks. Through this process you will form a solid foundation upon which you can build skills in as many artistic directions as your taste and temperament desire. The accompanying DVD will eliminate some of the gaps that come from working primarily from books. Together, this book and DVD will allow you to see for yourself the techniques of the old masters are not entirely cloaked in mystery. With adequate time and practice they will become your own." - Juliette Aristides

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