Perspective Made Simple DVD - click to enlarge
Perspective Made Simple DVD - click to enlarge
Perspective Made Simple DVD

Perspective was developed before the Renaissance and is used by artists to achieve greater spatial depth and realism in their work. Perspective is used to recreate three-dimensional visual effects on a flat two-dimensional surface like paper or canvas.

Almost all traditional representative art uses principles of perspective. Yet for many students perspective can often seem perplexing. But the actual application of perspective is very simple. In this program, artist Larry Withers demonstrates common perspective techniques and applies them to common subjects, like buildings, room interiors, and other objects.

The program is divided into several chapters. The first two chapters list the necessary drawing materials, and address the basic terminology and concepts of perspective. The next section deals with the most common perspective technique—linear perspective—and features five separate demonstrations showing how use one, two and three-point perspective. The next chapter deals with atmospheric perspective and how the air around us affects our perception of distant objects. The final section addresses a variety of perspective problems including rendering roads and rivers, staircases and ramps, round objects like wheels seen in perspective, roofs and gables on houses, reflections and shadows, and many other subjects.

Included on this disc is a Special Features which students can use as a review. The student is also encouraged to follow along with the demonstrations by downloading photographs used in this video and a materials and tools list.

Host: Laurence Withers is a classically trained artist and founder of On Air Video, Inc.

Mr. Withers is the author of several books on graphic design and has produced numerous fine arts instructional videos.

Run time: 78 minutes Format: DVD Video, Color, Full frame

Target audience: teenager to adult.

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