William Bouguereau Catalogue Raisonne-Second Edition

The Art Renewal Center® is pleased to announce the release of the second edition of the Catalog Raisonné and Biography on William Bouguereau, the first edition concluded a 30 year effort by a small determined team of 19th Century Art experts, set to fill the void of information on Bouguereau, one of history’s greatest masters after a century of misinformation.

The Catalog Raisonné jointly published by the Art Renewal Center® and the Antique Collectors Club, is a two-volume boxed set which illustrates the complete oeuvre of paintings of this great master, including information on all of William Bouguereau's 828 known paintings, as well as the entire 600 page biography written by Damien Bartoli and Fred Ross, ARC Chairman and President of the Bouguereau Committee.

The huge scope of Bouguereau's work was immensely famous and popular in his own time and then was suppressed for nearly a century, resurfacing in 1980 when the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York hung 2 of his works. His popularity has gained momentum steadily ever since, and today he is widely recognized as the most popular and beloved of the Academic artists who preceded Impressionism.

The new features of the second edition include 56 replacement images in Volume II, many of which have gone from black and white to color, updated provenance information also in Volume II and in Volume I an additional chapter on the history of Bouguereau's iconic painting Nymphs and Satyr written by Kara Lysandra Ross

Volume I (Biography)

  • Over 340 color images of Bouguereau paintings in Volume I alone
  • Over 100 full page plates
  • Another 170 images in black and white, most of which are biographical, including photographs of Bouguereau in his studio, family members, Bouguereau with his students, letters, drawings, etc.
  • New chapter on the history of Bouguereau's Iconic painting Nymphs and Satyr by Kara Lysandra Ross (NEW)

Volume II (Catalog Raisonné)

  • Volume II is also printed in color, with some black and white depending on the best image available to us for each given work, over 760 images are included.
  • This is a two volume set.
  • 56 replacement images, many of which have gone from black and white to color (NEW)
  • Updated provenance information (NEW)

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    William Bouguereau Catalogue Raisonne-Second Edition
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